1. Boring Generators

Boring Generator aims to reduce the amount of time spent on configuration, installation and addition of services, gems and libraries to the Rails application by a developer by delegating boring setups to us.


Have you ever started a new adventure/hobby project of your and instead of spending time in solving the actual problem statement with the website ended up configuring the application and put a lot of effort into it. Yeah, We felt that too.

I try to contribute to Ruby on Rails and recently I spent some times working on contributing to the Rails ActionText and Action Mailbox modules. Rails provide with many generators. Yes, rails new <app_name> is also a generator used behind the scene with Thor gem. Action Text provides install a generator to easily configure Action Text instead of letting the developer running into configuration issue.

This motivated me to build something which could help the people around Rails community who can spend less time on configuration and installation of the libraries/gems(basically boring stuff) and focus on the root problem you want to encounter by the awesome application you build.

GitHub | Demo | Documentation

2. React Trix RTE

React Trix rich text editor is react wrapper built for the Trix editor created by Basecamp. We have built this library because we were rewriting the same component in multiple project.

This wrapper uses React hooks and adds readable event listeners on the Trix editor. The library also adds two toolbar components which has the ability to customize the toolbar actions as per our need.


GitHub | Demo

3. Gatsby Nice Blogs

Nice blogs is a simple minimal blog template boilerplate built using Gatsby. Kickoff your blog website with simple steps and focus more on content than building and shipping a blog website.

GitHub | Demo